Stylish Yoga/Pilates Gear by Indigo

Huge pilates/yoga fan here!

Check out these super stylish bags and mats I found for more than half off…

How cute are these?  They are by Indigo.  I found them on One Kings Lane.  The bags are only $39 and the mats are $22.  One Kings Lane offers beautiful high-end products at major clearance prices for only a couple of days.  So act fast if you are interested. :-)

Are you into Yoga or Pilates?  What type of exercise do you like?

Please share if you know of some other bags and mats that are stylish!  I’d love to know…

4 thoughts on “Stylish Yoga/Pilates Gear by Indigo

  1. styleonthecouch

    I am a BIG fan of pilates. When I lived in London, I lived near a new studio where many ex ballerinas trained us. I used reformer machines and I swear these work your body on so many different levels. In the US sadly I cannot find a great pilates place but I try to use these principles in the gym. I don’t need to carry a mat around with me for pilates, but I do love the styles you’ve highlighted here.


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